and safety

We pay special attention to environmental as well 
as job security issues. The legislation of the Republic 
of Estonia and the strict environmental protection 
standards of the EU have been taken into account
in building the Alexela Sillamäe terminal.

In 2014, with the cooperation of several Sillamäe companies, a monitoring station, which constantly monitors the quality of the ambient air, was installed in the industrial area of the port. The monitoring station measures general hydrocarbons, aromatics and meteorological parameters.

The workers at the terminal monitor the indicators. If the pollution level rises above the established norms, measures are instituted to resolve the situation.

The limit values for pollution levels have been enacted by regulation no. 15 issued by the Minister of the Environment on 7 September 2004, titled “The limit and target values for pollution levels and other limits of pollutant content for ambient air and the deadlines for achieving them”. The regulation specifies that the pollution limit value for non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) in the ambient air is 5 mgC/m³, and 200 µg/m³ for other substances (benzene, toluene, o-Xylene and p-Xylene).

The measurement results of the monitoring station are available on the Estonian Environmental Research Centre website. On the graphs indicating the measurement results, the limit values are indicated with a red line.