AS Alexela Sillamäe is a daughter company of 
AS Alexela Logistics, which stores dark oil products 
and shale oil. The Sillamäe terminal handles the
transit of oil products and export of shale oil 
produced in Estonia. The terminal accepts 
products from railway tanks, trucks and vessels, 
stores them in the tanks of customs or excise 
warehouses and issues the goods onto vessels or 
other means of transport as required by the customer.

Tanks are engineered so that they can be used for the storage of light and dark fuels. All tanks are isolated and heatable; floating roofs can be assembled if necessary.

Number of tanks:



4 x 30 000 m3


7 x 30 000 m3 (with mixers) 


3 x 12 500 m3


9 x 12 500 m3 (with mixers)


2 x 3500 m3


5 x 3000 m3


2 x 2000 m3

Total capacity:

506 000 m3